Home Theater Review Looks at Sunfire XTEQ12 Subwoofer

A solid, well performing subwoofer is a critical aspect of a good home theater, or audio system. Especially if you use an AVR with LFE filtering enabled (you should be in most cases). The Sunfire XTEQ12 is a bit outside my price range, but it might hit the mark for you.

The Sunfire XTEQ12 brings back a fond memory for me: seeing the press release for the first Sunfire subwoofer, back in 1995. It pictured Sunfire founder Bob Carver, holding his new miniature subwoofer and standing outside his nondescript company headquarters, with power lines and pine trees in the background. That original Sunfire True Subwoofer–a combination of a beefed-up driver and passive radiator, Carver’s cool-running Tracking Downconverter amplifier, and a bass-boost circuit to compensate for the sub’s tiny enclosure–changed the audio industry. It was widely copied, and its influence can be seen in practically every subwoofer sold today.