Electronic House Dishes the DL on Digital Bass Management Basics

If you’ve been wondering why you’d want a subwoofer, or how to do the basic setup steps to make sure your AVR is configured properly. This is the guide for you.

Everyone loves the big bass experience that subwoofers offer in a well-designed home theater system. Bass management is critical in your home theater system, but they’re often misunderstood. Home theater receivers and processors include a variety of setup options, but mistakes are easy for novices to make, even with auto-calibration systems. Incorrect digital bass management settings in the A/V receiver (AVR) can result in poor sound quality, and in some cases can even damage the loudspeakers. While a mistake in bass management or subwoofer setup isn’t a life or death crisis, why settle for less than the quality experience you paid for. Ed Mullen, Director of Technology and Customer Relations, at SVS shared some of his insights on bass management.