Seas0nPass Updated to Version 4.4.4


The Apple TV was recently updated to version 4.4.4, which means that the jailbreakers need to check to make sure that their software tools work as well. The folks at FireCore have done just that, releasing Seas0nPass 4.4.4 to support the new Apple TV update. Unfortunately, Seas0nPass continues to require tethering to perform the jailbreak operation with version 4.4+ Last […]

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Apple TV Updated to Version 4.4.4

Apple TV

Apple has pushed out iOS version 5.0.1 along with a minor update for the Apple TV. The Apple TV can now be updated to version 4.4.4. Apple is not providing any specific details about the changes that come with the update beyond providing general stability and bug fixes. As usual, if you are interested in moving to the most recent […]

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Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Sony BDP-S580 Blu-Ray Player

Sony BDP-S580 UI

Take three very different media streamers head-to-head-to-head and you are bound to find at least one that might meet your needs. The Apple TV, the Roku family of streamers, and the Sony BDP-S580 Blu-Ray Player represent a disparate collection of media streamers I would not normally expect to see pitted against each other, particularly the inclusion of a Blu-Ray player. […]

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Firecore’s aTV Flash out of Beta

Firecore the developers that brought you the ability to update your Apple TV with customized firmware and the ability to play a plethora of media files such as MKV, AVI, MP4 and even ISO has recently move out of Beta. Now that the development is out of Beta Firecore is charging a $30 premium for the software. On top of […]

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New Apple TV in the Works?

Be forewarned. We are about to walk deep into rumor territory. Apple likes to clear inventory ahead of a product refresh and so Apple watchers often cue in on retailers selling an Apple product for less than MSRP as an early indicator of a new release, just like Amazon and Best Buy recently started doing with the Apple TV. Based […]

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CBS Passed on Apple TV Service

Les Moonves at CBS

Apple has been gradually adding new media streaming services to the Apple TV, but there have also been rumors floating around for a while that Apple has been trying to put together their own media streaming service. The assumption has been that the service, rumored to be called iTunes Replay, would be positioned to compete with Netflix and Amazon by […]

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iTunes Match Reaching Out to Apple TV

Apple TV owners have another reason to update their devices to version 4.4.2. Updated Apple TVs are receiving an option to connect to iTunes Match through a new top-level Music section. I had assumed that iTunes Match would work with every iOS device, but it is still nice to see it in action on the Apple TV even if the […]

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Apple to Replace the Remote with Siri?

Apple Siri Icon

What’s Really Next for Apple in Television? So it’s unclear how much is from an inside source vs. just putting the pieces together, but Nick Bilton at the NY Times is saying Apple will eventually build and ship a smart TV with Siri as the UI.    I have to confess, it makes perfect sense to me.   In a few years […]

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