Zune and iPod Photo Comparison


I don't often post about gadget news, but when two titans come to battle with guns-a-blazing, its hard not to take notice. Its just a quick photo comparison of the Zune and the iPod that really emphasizes how much bigger the screen size of the Zune. Should Steve be worried?  From the article:   I got face time with a […]

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Panasonic PT-AX100U Review

1080p projector love is still out of the ball bark for many consumers. However, there are many 720p gems on the market that can satisfy the need for a more theater like experience. I am not one to argue with 120" pictures. Coming in at $2000 on the street, the AV1000U has a 6000:1 contrast ratio and 800 to 1400 […]

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Denon confirms autumn AV receiver range

Technology creep is a great great thing in AV receiver lineups and Denon's fall lineup really drives this point home. The have confirmed four new receivers for the fall lineup with some nice features for all price points. This years models will include a new style remote, fully automatic setup, and full iPod configuration. The four models are: AVR-1507, AVR-1707, […]

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Are Blu-ray and HD-DVD Discs Region Coded, Like DVDs?


  About.com's Home Theater question of the week is – "Are the next gen formats region coded like the original DVD they are replacing?" The answer is yes for Blu-ray and no region coding for HD DVD. From the article:  While the North America, Japan, and Latin America employ an NTSC-based 30 Frames-per-second video system, most of the rest of […]

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Data over power line kicks into high gear

I am always very skeptical when a company claims great networking performance over powerlines. As we have found out in the past, the only way to achieve these lofty goals is to have the components networked in the same room. The new spec is supposed to be much more resistant from interference from other household products. There is nothing worse […]

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Slingbox Palm client coming soon

Slinbox recently introduced a new line up of tuners and placeshifters to the general public and now it looks they are going to release a client for Palm OS. With this final OS supported, you would be able to placeshift your content to just about any portable device out there. From the article:  Right now, you can use a Silngbox […]

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Best Buy: A Brief History of Integration

In October's issue of CE Pro, they report on the history of Best Buy's effort as a home integration company. It really goes to show you how big companies take multiple years to get an initiative going. 6 years later, you still wouldn't know that Best Buy is interested in anything else but selling you boxed CE goods. From the […]

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Coming To A Home Theater Near You

I didn't catch any great DVD releases this week, except for maybe X-Men 3: The Last Stand. As always, there are a few hundred titles that make it to DVD in a week, I try and pick the more popular ones. You can head over to movieweb.com for a complete listing. Also worth noting, there several concert DVDs hitting Blu-ray […]

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