SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer

Adding a sub to your audio solution is one of the best things you can do; especially if you have small speakers. Of course, one of the big challenges with great subwoofers, is that historically they take a lot of space. SVS sorted that, within the limits of physics ;), with the 10-inch SVS 3000 Micro. There’s a lot of […]

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TRENDnet TMO-311C2K Two pack MoCA Adapters

If pulling Ethernet cable isn’t an option in your house/flat/apartment, and Wi-Fi isn’t cutting it. MoCA adapters are a great solution for getting near gigabit speeds without much compromise. With great performance and good efficiency (2×2.5W max-load, 2×1.7W general use), the TRENDnet TMO-311C2K might be the perfect solution to extend network access throughout your home.

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UniFi Dream Machine Firmware 1.9.1

Has it been a week already? It would have been a long week for a lot of folks running the 1.9.0 firmware on their UDM/UDM-Pro. Personally, I’m going to wait another week because of how badly the last release went, but I’m also quite a bit more confident about the stability of this release, so maybe I’ll cut that short.

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