Epson rolls out $999 EF-100 series Laser Projectors with Android TV

$1000 for a 2000 lumen projector isn’t bad, especially when it comes with Android TV; which will cover all the OTT/streaming providers. But, with a native resolution of 1280×800, don’t expect super crisp PQ from the 150″ max projection. Epson Redefines the Big-Screen Streaming Experience with a Smart Streaming Laser Projector with Android TV With 3-Chip Laser Projection Technology and […]

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WTF Sonos

I get that companies want to sell existing customers new kit, and it totally makes sense to create an incentive for them to do that. Greasing the wheels a bit to make it easier – not everyone wants to deal with Craigslist or Ebay – also makes sense. But if it’s true that Sonos is intentionally bricking working speakers via […]

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UniFi AP BeaconHD Announced

Not sure what’s up with all the product announcements lately, but this is a good one if you have a Unifi system, need better wireless coverage, and can’t run more Cat. Yep, this is Ubiquiti’s Unifi $129 dedicated mesh product (Amplifi is the a mesh/mesh product), but the more interesting thing about this product announcement (at least to me) is […]

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