RHA @ CES 2019

When RHA announced the CL2 Planar was one of the first companies I put on the “must stop by” list for this CES, and I was not disappointed. They are hands down the best headphones I have ever experienced, which, given the $900 price tag they should be. The clarity, responsiveness, and quick transitions all stood out, but it was the level of detail presented in the music that just shown. Earning three !!! in the listening notes – never done that before. If there is a drawback, besides price, to the CL2 Planar bass reproduction levels would be it. That’s not to say that bass is lacking, it just takes a step backwards in the sound compared to where I expected it. Of course, that niggle did nothing to stop the little devil on my shoulder encouraging me to run off with them.

Fortunately clearer thoughts prevailed and I was also afforded the opportunity to have a listen of the TrueConnect wireless headphones as well. While not quite at the same level as the CL2 Planar, understandably, I was still impressed with the overall sound quality, and value of the set. Very smooth, and responsive, with excellent bass reproduction.