Mesh Wi-Fi roundup

Mesh Wi-Fi is a rapidly developing market, which something I’m glad to see. Being able to quickly add signal everywhere in your home without needing to worry about channels, SSID, etc. makes solving the problem much easier for everyone (even geeks :)). This round up doesn’t really get in to the technical bits much (or really at all), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of value to be gleaned from the UX (user experience) provided by the three systems.

 In a world where everything connects to the internet, your Wi-Fi connection is of paramount importance. The network in my house, though, was frustratingly erratic. In some rooms it was nonexistent, in others speedy. At some times of the day streaming a movie went off without a hitch. At other times – when everyone was home sucking down bandwidth – movies were full of ill-timed buffering delays. I owned a good router, pay for the fastest connection available, and am geeky enough to optimize my system. But nothing fixed it. The internet had outstripped the capabilities of the standard Wi-Fi setup.