Run ha-bridge on startup on Ubuntu

I recently installed ha-bridge to expose my custom switches and those from my Harmony and Vera systems to the Amazon Echo. One of the challenges I ran across was that the Linux (VM) system that I want to host the app on is Ubuntu, and the installation instructions didn’t cover that. Now, this isn’t a complex task, but there was a bit of trick to it so I thought it worth documented. Save others some time and provide a reference the next time I need to set it up :).

The first step is to create a *.conf file in /etc/init. I prefer nano, I did it via “sudo nano /etc/init/habridge.conf”.

Then paste the code below (attached). Into the document changing the path as necessary to the .sh file that runs the jar file (this is covered in the instructions on the project’s site). The important bit, that took me a while to figure out, is that for it to work properly the app needs to start after network is initialized (duh!).