Plex Cloud – Hosted Plex server announced

Hosting my own Plex server isn’t challenging for me, and I imagine most of our readers. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other issues like upstream bandwidth, caps, etc. that make putting your Plex server, and the associated content up in the Clouds. Storage is BYOC[loud storage provider], so that bit will need to be worked out (I also wonder how transcoding will work). Still a very neat idea. Excited to see how this plays out. If you are too, head on over to Plex and register for an invite.

 So, what is Plex Cloud? For the first time, you get a full-featured Plex Media Server in the cloud. Now you no longer need to worry about hardware and upstream bandwidth! Plex Cloud is always on and accessible, and we take care of all the annoying stuff like software updates and power bills.

That covers the server, but what about storage? Easy: simply connect an Amazon Drive account and store your media there. Amazon Prime accounts give you 5GB of storage free or you can pay for an unlimited Amazon Drive account (check with Amazon for availability). They both work awesome!