XBox One S UHD BD Player review @ What Hi-Fi

In the not-so-crowded collection of UHD Blu-ray players the XBox One S stands out because of its price and, um… well that’s it. The price difference is nothing to laugh at either, and if you are willing to live with the limitations it is an outstanding value. That said, the gaps are pretty harsh, at least for me. Especially when it comes to next-gen audio formats.

Is the lack of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support a blocking issue for you too?


Microsoft would like to think its ­Xbox One S is the console equivalent of Terminator 2 – a sequel that beats the original, where the dialogue is decent, the actors believable and the movie entertaining.

The initial signs are promising. A new look, a tweaked design and a smattering of new features, including 4K video and HDR support – surely this has blockbuster written all over it?