AVSForum compiles list of HDR 4K displays

HDR is arguablly the best thing about 4K, and probably the best thing to happen to consumer displays in a long time. Figuring out what a TV’s capabilities are, and therefore which ones should be elminated from consideration, can be daunting. AVSForum to the resue :).

I am completely convinced that HDR will take UHD/4K to a whole new level, so it’s critically important for shoppers to know which displays can render it in its full glory. So I’ve created a list of HDR-capable displays—both TVs and projectors—that indicates the make, model line (which often includes several screen sizes), the implemented HDR system(s), and whether or not it carries the Ultra HD Premium (UHDP) certification. I’ve also divided the list into four sections based on the type of display: OLED TVs, LCD-FALD (full array, local dimming) TVs, LCD-edgelit TVs, and projectors. OLED TVs and projectors are best suited for light-controlled rooms, while LCD TVs have enough brightness to stand up to ambient light, though the full benefit of HDR can be seen only in a dark room.


  • No matter what Scott says

    No matter what Scott says the Samsung HU8550 sets using the SEK-3500 Evolution kits count. Wink