Emby adds support for openSUSE, Tumbleweed and Leap

It is beta only currently, but it’s great that Emby is expanding to more platforms.

We’ll have a separate post about this, but our linux packages are seeing a lot of improvements as well. Notably:

  • Added support for openSUSE Tumbleweed and Leap
  • Beta and Dev releases are now using the package embymagick for ImageMagick libraries. embymagick does not get installed as a system library, so there should no longer be conflicts with distribution releases of ImageMagick.
  • New restart wrapper script, in order to alleviate some of the issues posted by users.
  • Sudoers file has been updated, restart permission have been moved to the group emby rather than the user emby.
  • Emby-Server start wrapper script ensures user running emby-server is part of emby group, and thus are granted restart permission.
  • Support RPI 1 thanks to openSUSE ARM factory. Please see the following: https://en.opensuse….org/Portal:ARM
  • AARCH64 will be supported as soon as there is a release from the mono team.
  • Used mono aot (ahead of time compiler) to hopefully increase performance.
  • Debian maintainer post install script are set to ignore home of user emby, use default configuration file and etc conf file rather than /etc/passwd to determine were user settings should be kept.