The Wall Stree Journal Explains Why HDR Is A Good Thing

Even if you can’t fit a big enough display (or your partner won’t let you place the seating close enough) to really take advantage of 4K’s resolution benefits. The gravy that HDR provides to many 4K displays can be had by all comers.

Can you spot the difference between someone on TV and a person actually standing in front of you? Of course, but it’s hard to put your finger on why. A screen wipes out the little details—the glint in an eye, the spring of a curl.

TV’s next leap takes it closer to real life. It’s not 3-D, or more pixels. Instead, new screens can show the highs and lows that color reality: the reflection in an eye that’s 500 times brighter than the pupil next to it, the countless gradations in a head of hair.