Should you ugrade to a 4K display?

If you’ve been wondering if “now” might be the right time to upgrade your TV to a 4K display, C-NET has a quick cheat sheet.

Generally speaking, if your TV works and you’re happy with it, don’t worry about upgrading. We’re a long way off from the majority of TV shows and movies being in 4K resolution, let alone high-dynamic range (HDR), wide color gamut (WCG) or any other widespread change in content availability that would call for a new TV. There isn’t even one all-4K TV channel yet. If and when those things happen, 4K TVs will be way cheaper than they are now.


  • I’ve been considering

    I’ve been considering upgrading my aging Sony KDS-60A2020 RPHDTV to a 4K set.  I’ve been eyeing up one of the LG OLED sets, but I’d like to wait until the prices drop a bit more.  I know there’s not a lot of 4K material available yet, but the quality of the OLED sets and the deep blacks is making it very tempting to take the plunge.  It would be a huge step up even without any 4K programming to feed it.  I saw a good deal on the 55″ set during Black Friday, but I’d have to jump up to at least a 65″ model or larger if I’m going to upgrade.  I figure I’ll ride it out for maybe another year and see if the prices get more reasonable.  Right now I believe LG is the only player in the OLED market, but I hear they’re supplying OLED panels to other manufacturers.  Maybe the prices will drop once there’s a bit more competition.

    All that aside, I’ve always felt that the Consumer Electronics Industry has always tried to ram new technology down the throat of consumers far too quickly.  From a marketing strategy, they want to sell more hardware and software and make money.  From a consumer’s viewpoint, they get tired of having to replace hardware and software on a regular basis just to keep up with the technology.  Many people still haven’t adopted HDTV in their homes so how can the industry expect them to embrace 4K?  It’s all about making money with no regard for the reality of the marketplace. 

    Just look at 3DTV as a prime example.  Aside from the one ESPN channel that broadcast in 3D, I don’t know of any others that have adopted the standard for broadcasting.  I imagine a lot of broadcast stations are still in the red from switching from SDTV so it’s very unlikely they’ll be willing to take the plunge into 4K waters until there’s programming available.  To be honest, I don’t think broadcast stations will be willing to upgrade until the next technological breakthrough comes along at the earliest, because you know it’s coming.  It’s a never ending cycle that just keeps repeating itself and coinsumers are getting tired of it.  It just gets to a point where nobody cares anymore.  If people are satisfied with watching TV on a portable device, how likely do you think they’re going to want to invest in a 4K TV?

    • The increase in PQ is very

      The increase in PQ is very noticeable b/w OLED and other display tech (well unless you have a last gen VT/ZT PDP), but I do think it’s smart to hold out as long as you can. Prices come down, tech gets better.

      WRT, the last point there are overlaps b/w viewing on the tablet and TV, but mostly in the solidary viewing of non-critical content. For social viewing (sports and movies) a large display is perfect. I don’t know how common it is, but I will wait till I can watch some movies (mostly action/adventure) on the TV + AVR. Just better that way.