What’s The Best Fitness Tracker

I’ve been thinking a lot about finally grabbing a fitness tracker this holiday season, but I’m struggling to figure out which one really suites my needs. If you have experience with one of the shortlist, or have a suggestion that isn’t on it – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  1. Microsoft Band 2: If I end up with one of these, it will because of the [AFAIK] unmatched number of sensors. Collecting data is the whole point of the device, so more sensors = more data. There are quite a few issues though: cost, battery life, comfort, and durablity concerns (mostly around waterproofing, but the first rev also had a poor lifespan). The “smart” features don’t really interest me that much, although it’s a nice to have – although since my main phone is Android it’s unclear how much intelligence will actually be available.
  2. Garmin vivofit HR: Heart rate and step/distance are must-haves, so the HR fits the bill and has a much more agreeable price tag. Doesn’t look as nice as the Band 2 IMO, but battery life is much better and is reasonably waterproof. Has some smart features, but reviews have them being a bit annoying in the all-or-nothing approach.
  3. fitbit charge HR: Cheaper than the Garmin, decent looks, good battery life, waterproof enough that playing soccer (football) in the rain wouldn’t be a problem, and there’s an orange (tangerine) option!

Right now 1 & 3 are the strongest contenders. The fitbit is really tempting, but ALL THE SENSORS…

Update: based on some feedback on Twitter, the charge seems to suffer from durability issues. Given the price difference (£75 v £120 v £200), I’m not sure that matters too much, but it is worth mentioning.