Zotac @ CES 2014

Zotac made a name for itself with small form factor (SFF) PCs, many of which were great for HTPC use. With competition in the SFF HTPC, and gaming, market heating up we stopped by their booth in the back of South Hall for a look at what they were bringing out this year.

Zotac had several new systems on display mostly focused on the gaming market including a prototype “Steam Machine”, two Iris Pro (Intel Core i7 & i5) systems, and an Intel system with mobile NVIDIA GPU included which could also serve as capable HTPCs. If you’re looking for something smaller, or just different, they also had a spherical Haswell with Intel HD 4400 graphics (i.e. not for gaming) at the show. Unfortunately they were really light on the important details, like “when” and “how much”, so there isn’t much to report besides their basic existence.