Streacom’s FC10 and Nano150: Building a Fanless Ivy Bridge HTPC

We reviewed the Streacom FC5 chassis a while back and really loved the ability to build our own passively cooled HTPC systems. Well they’re at it again with the FC9 and FC10 models with some modified features and abilities to support the latest and greatest. Looks like the changes were good and the system can still be run almost completely silent still, which is…expected.

The Streacom offerings introduced in May also included the FC9 which supports mITX and uATX motherboards. However, the FC9 supports half-height PCIe cards only. The FC10, on the other hand, supports up to two full height PCIe cards. Hence, we took the decision to go in for the FC10 despite our plans to use a mITX motherboard.