Fractal Design Redesigns Node 605 HTPC Chassis


When we met with Fractal Design at CES they didn’t have anything new to show us, but it was obvious that they were hungry and responsive to the community. If there was any doubt on this point it should be clear now with the re-launch a sleeker Node 605 just a few weeks after it was originally announced in early June with a very un-HTPCesqe logo on emblazoned on the front. If you’re in the market for a full size (ATX) HTPC case, the Node 605 just got a lot more interesting. Kudos Fractal Design!

Design changes:

  • New logo placement moved to the bottom right-hand corner to highlight a minimalistic front panel
  • Logo colour changed from white to grey for a sleek appeal
  • All other features originally outlined will be delivered as promised!
  $ 159 € 149 £ 119  1399 kr
Description Art. Number EAN UPC  
Node 605 FD-CA-NODE-605-BL 7350041080985 817301010986  


Will be available in August