HandBrake 0.96 Released, Supports WTV Files

HandBrake Logo

I completely missed this last week, but the ever-popular conversion tool, HandBrake, has been updated to version 0.96. This one was a long time coming and it finally brings official support for a number of features that folks have been enjoying in the nightly builds for awhile, such as support for DTS-HD passthrough and an improved MPEG-2 encoder. I’m still hopeful that True-HD passthrough encoder support will be added soon, so I will continue to hit the nightly builds in case I get lucky, but it is definitely nice to see things become official. One new feature I wasn’t aware had been added to HandBrake is WTV container support. My recorded TV shows don’t usually go any further than the living room, but if you decide to put your WTV files through the HandBrake wringer, let us know how it goes.

One of the best tools available for converting video files is, without a doubt, HandBrake. While I’ve used it a lot in the past it’s always had one minor feature missing that bugged me. It has never supported WTV files. WTV is the native format used by Windows Media Center in Windows 7. 

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