Zediva puts the brakes on its streaming service, soothes your fears with monkeys


It looks like this is the end of the road for Zediva as they face an uphill road in the courts to get the injunction overturned.
Zediva fought the law and the law shut it down. The unique DVD rental service, sued by the MPAA and Hollywood studios for running afoul of licensing and distribution agreements, has temporarily closed shop. A statement on the outfit’s website optimistically refers to the court-ordered injunction as an “intermission,” pointing to a hopeful future resumption of operations, and guaranteeing customers a solution for unused credits. The company’s promised to fight back against Judge Walter’s decision, and is in the process of appealing the ruling that could see it facing a permanent service blackout. We hope for the sake of its “DVD-changing monkeys” that all parties involved can work this out. Make sure to head past the break for Zediva’s full explanation.
It will be interesting to hear what their “solution” for unused credits is. So do you have unused credits with Zediva?