GeekTonic Guide to TV-New Fall 2011 TV FOX

I love these guides from our friends at Geektonic. I always have trouble keeping up with the latest. Not sure any of these sound ALL that appealing, but I normally will wait until all you guys tell me about some amazing show I’m missing and then get caught up–most recently this was SOA and Breaking Bad.

The Fall 2011 TV Season is nearly upon us.  To get things started GeekTonic is running through all of the new TV series coming this Fall.  Yesterday we covered the new shows on CBS and today we move on to Fox’s new series.


  • Pretty slim pickings so far. 

    Pretty slim pickings so far.  This coming Fall season has to be the lamest batch of new shows to come along in several years, and that includes all of the major networks.  I’ll bet we’ll see at least 50% of them disappear by Thanksgiving.  I read about most of these shows months ago on The Futon Critic where they’ve had the Fall lineup posted since the day they were first announced.

    Of all the new shows, Terra Nova seems to be the most interesting.  Beyond that, I’ve only seen a couple of shows that even remotely pique my interest.  Looks like I’m finally going to have time to get caught up on my huge backlog of movies, which is fine by me.

  • This is one of my favorite
    This is one of my favorite times of the year with Fall TV. There are some that look interesting but I just need to remember not to get to attached to any of them..about 75% of them will not stay…That is what I have to keep telling myself..