WHS helps control salt water aquarium

I know this isn’t fully related to Home Theater, or HTPC’s but it does sort of revolve around Windows Home Server and another hobby I am verry passionate about, Saltwater reef tanks. A user at at The Home Server Show, has taken his love of both hobbies and has tanken it to a whole new level. By integrating a saltwater controller (A highly specialized peice of hardware for monitoring specific functions of the reef tank) and integrated the web interface of the controller into Windows Home Server.

So I must admit, Window Home Server is not my only obsession, I’m also a reef geek (salt water fish tank nerd). Anyways, I thought why not marry my two obsessions into one glorious hobby and put a web server in my reef tank! That way I could monitor the reef remotely and put my nerves to rest while I’m away (after all, I have a lot of money in that tank). Before you say I’m crazy, putting a reef tank on your network has been done many times before, however I have yet to find someone that has embedded the reef tank webserver into Windows Home Server. This is the first blog post on joining together my two favorite hobbies.