Corsair 430W ATX Power Supply for $14

Corsair CX430

A lot of people like to use the Corsair CX430 ATX power supply for their HTPC because it offers a decent value at its normal sub-$50 street price. I noticed Newegg is promoting an exceptional deal on this power supply for the weekend.

The price is $39.99 – $20 rebate = $19.99 with free shipping. For the weekend, there is also a 15% promotional code (EMCYTZT367) for this unit bringing the total cost down to only $14!

Note: you might have to be a Newegg newsletter subscriber to use the code, but I am not certain.

The Corsair Builder Series of PSUs are designed for worry-free compatibility for your home desktop PC system build or upgrade. With features usually reserved for premium power supplies, they are a great choice for systems where continuous and reliable power delivery and low noise are essential.

With up to 80% energy efficiency and 0.99 Active Power Factor Correction, the Corsair Builder Series CX430 is the ideal choice for PC builders and upgraders who need a great value, quiet and energy efficient PSU for a low/medium specification home or office PC.


  • Thanks for the tip!

    Thanks for the tip!

  •  Thanks Aaron!  Just ordered

     Thanks Aaron!  Just ordered one!  Laughing

  • The good news is that jonny

    The good news is that jonny likes this PSU



    That being said it is what it is after all and that is that it is a cheap PSU.  Plus there’s no telling how much noise this unit may make.  For my HTPC I’d look elsewhere but for sprucing up an old PC for grandma I see an aceptable unit (especially for $14). 

  • i am in for one as well

    i am in for one as well

  • @LowTech It looks pretty
    @LowTech It looks pretty heavily vented and the 120mm fan probably keeps it cool and quiet. The power supply I have in my HTPC at the moment only has a 90mm fan, and while it is the loudest fan in the entire rig, it’s still only noticeable when the TV is muted.