iTunes Dominated 2010 Online Movie Consumer Spending

This is somewhat surprising if only because I think I underestimated just how many iPhone users are using their devices to stream movies. We all know the numbers for AppleTV are low, and I don’t think there are that many Mac users connected to their HDTVs…so that basically leaves the iPhone. Go figure. I agree with the post, that Amazon VOD is a threat.

IHS Screen Digest reported that iTunes held off challenges from Microsoft’s Zune Video (via Kinect 3D motion-control launch), Sony PlayStation Store, Amazon VOD and Walmart’s Vudu as the EST/iVOD market increased more than 60% from 2009.


  • Is this strictly movies and

    Is this strictly movies and purchased downloads? Where does Netflix fall in the stats. 

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    That was my question, too. 

    That was my question, too.  They specifically said “VOD”, which Netflix is certainly a major player in.  How is it even possible that Netflix is not even in the top 3 for VOD?  I’m honestly wondering if Apple commissioned this report.

  • yeah, netflix wasn’t on the

    yeah, netflix wasn’t on the survey so i took it to mean they only counted individually purchased/rented movies