Time Shifting And Online Make Up Nearly Half Of All Viewing

Pretty interesting report here on how people are digesting content. No surprise that the older crowd is much more stuck on actual Live TV watching than the younger crowd, but the numbers for TV are still over 50%. Wonder how long before that drops even more.





The alternatives to live TV are growing and basic cable is under assault, but no one single competing technology is taking over. People watch DVDs 14 percent of the time, online (including streaming video from services like Netflix) 13 percent of the time, saved programs on their DVRs 12 percent, and on-demand cable 6 percent. The survey breaks down online viewing into video from online sources like YouTube (9 percent) and streaming video from services like Netflix and Hulu (4 percent). For 18-to-34-year-olds, online video makes up 16 percent of their viewing time, and streaming video makes up another 7 percent.