The TiVo Slide QWERTY Remote

I’ve never been a TiVo user–loved the idea, but hated the monthly costs–but this new remote is a pretty cool little device. It’s not really all that unique, it’s basically taking the idea from any old cell phone, but with a remote front instead of a screen. But it’s still pretty cool, although…for $90 I would rather buy a Dinovo Mini.




The Slide is a wonderful evolutionary step in remotes, but it still
lacks a lot of the options found on a modern remote: computer setup
macros, rechargeable batteries, RF signals, and IR blasters. Hopefully
now that TiVo added the capability to their devices, companies like
Harmony and URC can out their own universal versions, too. TiVo isn’t
the only A/V device that’s QWERTY-friendly after all. Vizio has a line
of HDTVs with a similar slider remote and the Boxee box will ship with a
QWERTY remote later this year. There’s even Windows Media Center that
could use a more mainstream remote as well.