Comcast raising rates 5 percent

I see news like this, and I miss having the full digital package less and less. Thank you ESPN3 for keeping me sane without cable! You have to love Comcast…first they say congratulations for being able to bring you such new features, then they bill you for it!


Those who get the "Digital Economy" package will get a break. Their rates will decline, ranging from 4 cents per month to $10.04 per month, depending on their bundle, because Comcast is standardizing this service tier at $29.95 per month. Digital Economy includes the limited basic channels but 17 digital cable channels, including Food Network, History, Disney Channel, Lifetime, AMC and USA.

CableCard users will continue to get their first card free. A second card will cost 10 cents less per month — $1.50 instead of $1.60.