Native 7MC support for HD PVR

Rumors of a native Media Center driver for the HD PVR have been circulating since before Fiji.  As we all know that never happened – talking about the driver here, Fiji just shouldn’t have happened ;). 

Looks like it might not be vapor after all because GeekTonic is reporting that Windows 7 Media Center users won’t have to rely on DVBLink to get their H.264/Dolby Digital component based capture on much longer.


Hauppauge has been working on a Windows 7 Media Center which supports
the HD PVR.   This driver project is something Hauppauge has been
working on for nearly a year and thanks to some help from Microsoft,
they have it working now and are ironing out the details.  No official
ETA yet, but it appears to be close .  They also confirmed that the
driver does not currently work on Windows XP MCE.