Weekend Forum Roundup, April 9th Edition

Lots of good banter as usual on the forums, here’s a quick reminder. Just a heads up, we are working on a bunch of new content for you guys, including the iPad and more, so stay tuned! Also don’t forget, if you would like to support the site, we do have Amazon, Newegg and Techbargains links on the right side…so if you’re going to go spend all that hard earned money you can help us out as well.

Our topic of the week is an easy one. Generating over 40 replies
and a fairly animated discussion: Federal
Court Rules for Comcast, against FCC on Net Neutrality

the rest of some popular threads from this week:

way to rip DVDs for use on an extender

Emulator Front Ends?

for how to make a great movie.

vs RG6 what’s the difference?

for MATX Case with 4 or more HD slots

Capture Options

HTPC Build
by AndresJ
anyone watching The Pacific?

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Have a great weekend everyone!