MythDora 12.23 New Release Available

Looking for a free home theater PC software? Well, Linux is always an option, and Mythdora has been the choice of many for years. Thanks to Tim for the heads up of this new release.

Changes in MythDora 12:

  * The auto-installation method has been removed
  * The frontend now heavily relies on the timezone of the system matching the backend
  * mythflix, mythphone and mythstreamtv have been dropped
  * Only themes based on the new API are included
  * atilibusb and other ir devices are now standardized under the devinput userspace. Note that lircd & lircrc files have changed
  * Forced execution of mythdora setup via firstboot so it cannot be missed
  * Stock rpmfusion based mythtv packages, settings and themes
  * Updated the included firmware for expanded model support