SilverStone GD04 HTPC Case Review


HTPC Chassis are really tough to judge, since everyone really does have their own tastes. As I’ve grown up, I’ve tended to shy away from the flashy types, but this one’s probably still a bit too plain for me. What say you all?


Ninja Lane

The SilverStone GD04 is designed with an plan of moving a large volume of air through a small case quietly, To accomplish this they have included three 120mm "golf ball" fans, used to bring fresh cool air into the case with the rear and top vents providing an escape path for the heat. The rear can also be supplemented with two 80mm fans in the space above the I/O panel. All incoming air is drawn thru very nice mesh grills these include a fine screen which should do an excellent job of trapping dust and other debris.