Boxee Beta Unveiling Presenter #2 – Jim Lanzone from


Boxee is coming up with a new beta soon and has been making some splashes. This bit of news I think is fantastic, as really seems ideal for the Boxee solution since I always said finding the shows you want from Boxee was one of its few issues. The downside here, is that not all of Clicker’s content will be available to Boxee users (yet?).



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For those who have never heard of, get ready to say to yourself, “I thought of that”… Well you might have thought it, but Clicker CEO Jim Lanzone and a team of 50 spent a year to actually make it happen; they built a TV Guide for The Web that lets you search any show, any movie, any keyword, any category. Basically, it’s a hot steamy batch of awesome for entertainment lovers.