Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 available November 24th

Most of you running WHS are probably already using this, but in case you haven’t Power Pack 3 has some nice improvements if you use the TV functionality of your Windows MCE system. A couple other updates as well, still not sure why it took so long to release.

The primary focus of Power Pack 3 is to improve the Windows Home Server experience with Windows 7 and Windows Media Center. Windows 7 has so far worked fairly well with Windows Home Server, though it’s not been officially supported, and Power Pack 3 brings several enhancements and fixes to get Windows 7 working great with Windows Home Server. These include properly displaying Windows 7 in the Computers and Backup tab of the Home Server Console, better management of Windows 7 power settings with Home Server Backups, and the ability to suppress the Action Center warning reminding you that Windows Backup has not been set up.