Philips SRM7500 Windows Media Center Universal Remote with SideShow Functionality Available Now

Well this came out of nowhere. When Ricavision bit the dust I had lost hope of seeing a sideshow enabled remote anytime soon. Nice to see that Philips making one, and quite funny that they hardly even promote the fact that the remote does sideshow. Now if only Logitech would make one…


After the demise of Ricavision, all hopes for a Windows SidesShow
remote for Windows Media Center seemed lost (most MCE users were
holding out for the RICA100 or VAVE100). Well, folks, Philips apparently stepped up to the plate a while back (May 2007 according to
to fill the niche and didn’t make a big deal about it. In fact, the
product only mentions that it’s SideShow capable in the product’s help
file. Go figure? In any case, SideShow functionality has been tested by Derek Flickinger and it seems to be working great. The Philips SRM7500 is currently selling for around $110 at and other retailers (list price: $199.99).