Boxee adds Netflix support, but not for the Apple TV…yet

Boxee, of which I finally got installed but am greeted with a black screen, just added Netflix watch now for Linux and Mac versions.  AppleTV can’t yet do netflix but getting it working is their top priority right now.  Boxee keeps getting better.  It might be time to devote some real time to getting Boxee working on my AppleTV. 


As set-top boxes that stream content over the internet to your TV
become more popular, certain elements are starting to stand out to
differentiate the best ones. Recently, the most popular of these
elements is Netflix support. Roku has it, TiVo has it, some Blu-ray players have it and now even the Xbox 360 has it. So it makes sense that Boxee, the digital interface software company that hopes to land deals to get on set-top boxes, would add support for it. Today, it’s announcing just that.