Monster Cable Bullying

This is a page on the site for a mini-golf course that happens to be named Monster Mini-Golf.  As they seem to do a lot, Monster Cable sued them.  But they didn’t buckle and they’re fighting back.  They need all the publicity and press and help they can get. 


So now….it’s on to trial!As you might expect,
it’s going to take an army to defeat these deep-pocketed bullies. But
in the meantime what we are going to need here is a call to arms! To
everyone in the audio community and beyond, anyone who has ever been
bullied, strong armed, or otherwise taken advantage of to step up and
say "Enough is Enough!" We’ll need YOUR help to stop them, by making
this their most PUBLIC fight yet! Anyone who has a blog, post, forum,
website, facebook, myspace, etc…..or ANY other public forum…..WE
NEED YOUR HELP! Please contact us directly at 401-454-8100, or from our
website to get involved and help us spread the word. We need a huge
public outcry behind us. Please contact us to help us get this thing
some national attention!We will keep you updated as to the progress of
this ridiculous and frivolous litigation. In the meantime, we thank you
for your continued interest and support in this matter.