New Sage Beta 6.5.3

New Beta for Sage is out!


Among the interesting features, Sage now supports 720p youtube videos, multithreaded transcoding, and a slew of other bug fixes. I’ll be sure to test drive it tonight!


 Core Updates
1. Various improvements to SageTVTranscoder and SageTVPlayer (for HDPVR support and other bugs encountered in 6.5.1/2)
2. Movies that have the ‘Premiere’ attribute are now indicated as First Runs
3. Fixed issue with not starting at the beginning if the file was already marked Watched
4. Always use stereo audio when transcoding for the placeshifter now
(mono audio didn’t work well enough in the transcoder all the time)
5. When importing DVDs, call the metadata parsing plugins (we didn’t before)
6. Updated the pusher reply handler so that all replies are read
asynchronously to maximize bandwidth usage (used with placeshifter
& extender)

7. Fixed bug in async pusher reply where it wasn’t accounting for
buffers we’ve already pushed when reading the reply (main cause of MVP
issues in 6.5 also would affect HD extender; but that wasn’t too

8. SageTV will now try to record HD airings of a show over SD
airings even if that means the recording will occur at a later time.
This can be disabled by setting the property

9. Add "Switzerland" frequency for DVB

Windows Updates
1. Fixed bug where VMR9 wasn’t being used if the system didn’t support EVR
2. Added the Microsoft MPEG video/audio decoders that are included in Vista to the decoder selection list
3. Updated DirectX9 UI renderer so that when it sees an unidentified
glyph in the cache in a string it’ll render it using a native text
method instead that should then automatically fix Unicode glyph
rendering problems (assuming the font supports the glyph)
4. Set timeout longer for Hauppauge tuner to lock a QAM channel
5. Fix: one kind of stream that multiple PMT share one PID has a trouble decrypting in CAM/CI.
6. Adjust main audio track picking priority for multiple sound tracks
7. Fix: Sending wrong HDHomeRun frequency multiplier 1000 and sending tuning twice.
8. Rollback code to support Twinhan DVB-C tuner
9. Changed default number of input pins on EVR for Vista so CC and DVD
subs are supported by default. The registry value for this was changed
to now be EVRInputPins instead of NumEVRInputPins

Extender Updates
1. Fixed bug where timeline would reset on some files with the HD extender partway through

Studio Updates
1. Updated Image widgets so that they only perform their default action on the left mouse click instead of any mouse click.

STV Updates
1. Fixed input timeout issue on Search menu.
2. Fixed issues on search results menu where Search icon jumped to TV search and focus item had no highlight image.
3. Search menu: added item for "All Results" at top of each column for
Video searches. (Other search types already had that option.)
4. Changed HD100 recommended firmware version to "20080812 0".
5. Favorites channel limit dialog: changed channel selections to use checkboxes rather than radio buttons.
6. Added support for 720p YouTube videos when they exist.
7. If 720p YouTube video download can’t keep up with playback speed,
warn user & ask whether to disable 720p YT videos. Only show
warning if bandwidth is too low, playback is not paused, and current
time is within 5 seconds of the end of the downloaded portion.
8. Added Detailed Setup -> Customize option to control default YouTube video resolution to try first.

SageTV V6.5.2 Beta 11/21/2008

Core Updates
1. Enabled multi-threading for the transcoder. The property
xcode_process_num_threads controls this. 1 means single threaded; 0
means use the # of CPUs plus one; and all other positive settings mean
use that # of threads.

2. Fixed bug where the bandwidth calculation for the extender client would sometimes go bad and cause it to transcode on a LAN
3. Put the ‘debug_logging’ setting in the properties file by default; and allow ‘true’ as well to set it instead of just ‘TRUE’
4. Fixed issue with the circular file size not being right for digital TV input when using the service
5. Fixed bug where playlist items of TV recordings wouldn’t account for the start padding
6. Fixed rendering issue related to enabling variable sized row/cols in tables
7. Added property "ui/require_focus_for_mouse_selection" which defaults
to false; and if set to true will require extra clicking to select
items if focus_follows_mouse is false

Windows Updates
1. Fixed COM registration issue with EVR support
2. Fixed DXVA2 support with EVR on Vista
3. Fixed aspect ratio issues with EVR
4. Fixed A/V sync issue with EVR by adding frame dropping. The
threshold for dropping is controlled by a DWORD reg setting at:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Frey Technologies\SageTV\DirectX9\EVRFrameDropThreshold

5. Fixed regression bug where we broke the Green Button on the MCE remote
6. Added CC support for EVR. To enable it; the follow registry setting
must be done as a DWORD: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Frey
7. Changed the default max VRAM limit for DX9 to be 150MB instead of
120MB (but it’s a property setting so old configs will use the old
8. Disabled use of the new USER_ACTIVITY flag in PowerManagement
because it was resetting all of the timers instead of just the selected
one on Windows
9. Fixed setup of default import directories on Vista
10. Added common media to default import directories for initial Windows setups
11. Fixed crash bugs in MSVCR80.DLL that were introduced in 6.5.1
12. Fixed error dialogs that would popup during tuning plugin selection on Windows

Studio Updates
1. Hooks are now inherited from a Themed widget source if ‘Ignore Theme Properties’ is set (since it’s not actually a property)
2. SetSyncSystemClockWithServerEnabled API call has been fixed so it works properly with the local client in service mode
3. Fixed Database API calls GetMediaFilesWithImportPrefix and GetFilesWithImportPrefix so that they exclude TV recordings

STV Updates
1. Filtered archived TV shows out of the video browser’s Titles view.