HTPC Tip of the Day: Master your Guide Edit Channels and Change Channel Order


I must admit it wasn’t until I visited Microsoft this past month that I learned of these features that have been inside Vista Media Center since it was released! Shame on me, but hey, better late than never!

 The first is the ability to edit channels. Have you ever been perusing through the guide only to find some channels that you either A) Never Watch, or B) Don’t get the signal? The old method to delete was quite annoying: Tasks > Settings > TV > Guide > Edit Guide Listings. This is slow, long & a dreadful process.

Did you know, you can do this from the guide? Just click on the Guide, click to the left to hover over the channel you wish to hide, then click the Info Button, and then finally Hide Channel!! It’s amazingly simple!

Also available from that context menu, is the ability to edit the channel order. So if you wanted to group all your HD channels, or all your Sports channels together, you can gain instant access to that ability as well. 




Pretty cool little tool for those people that must have the guide
exactly how they desire. Can your DirecTV or Comcast box do that??!?!!!