Firefox 3.0 RC2 Released

I’ve been using the first release candidate for a while now and I have been VERY impressed.  Not only is it rock solid stable, but it is much faster to render pages, and the memory footprint has been vastly improved.  Now, release candidate 2 has been released which should be the last until the final build is pushed out in early June.  Get it while it’s hot!! (Click here for a complete build list)


Check out all the popular extensions, themes, and plugins that RC2 now supports. You can download them directly from AMO, or search through your Addons Manager. Visit Top Websites you use. Inspect layouts, functionality, web-based application tools. (Examples: Banking and Financial Sites, Social Networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn), Top News Sites, Online retail sites). Test new Firefox 3 Features. These include Bookmarks, Address bar, History, Download Manager, Addons Manager, and Password Manager.