The 780G Platform’s Versatility

From comes an interesting review of the AMD/ATI 780G IGP. I realize that the main premise of the article is performance but it brings up two capabilities that the 780G chipset allows builders to employ that might be useful for the HTPCer:

As the article points out, the family HTPC might serve mom and dad just fine as a DVR and video/music manager.  If, however, one factors in the “junior quotient” a little more uumph might be in order and the 780G (from the right vendor) delivers.  By allowing AMD’s manufacturing partners the freedom to integrate various features, as they may see fit, it makes for a much more versatile 780G mobo than as it may first appear on the surface. 


What really sweetens the package is Hybrid Graphics. Say you’re a casual gamer who’s content to play poker online and every once in awhile you’ll hop on a server to play an old classic like Counter-Strike 1.6. For this type of gamer, the 3200 IGP is more than sufficient by itself. But say your son (or daughter) wants to play a more modern game like Episode Two or Company of Heroes. Rather than plopping down the big bucks for a new mainstream or high-end GPU, a $50 Radeon HD 3450 can buy you a boost of 2x or more in some cases over the IGP alone. If you’ve got a good 780G motherboard, you can even OC the IGP and graphics card for even more performance.