The Daily Button – November 7th, 2007

The original premise behind the Omaura/ Giveaway was to giveaway over a $1000 in prizes to the readers of I finally had a chance to add everything together and figured out that 1st prize alone will be worth $1700!! If that isn’t worth your time I don’t know what is :).

As well, we are announcing a two week extension on the Omaura giveaway to allow people a bit more creative time to get their entries in. I will be updating the rules to reflect this.

As well, don’t forget out Xgene keyboard giveaway .

Linux News: Ars Technica reviews Ubuntu 7.10

Video Card News: XFX GeForce 8800 GT review at PC Perspective

Video Card News: MSI NX8800GT review at Viper Lair 

PSU News: 400-450W PSU roundup at Anand 

Motherbaord News: Gigabyte X38-DS5 review at Bit-Tech (all passive cooling)

High Def DVD News: HD Movie reviews at Ultimate AV 

High Def DVD News: Sony BDP-S300 review at Audioholics

Receiver News: Yamaha RX-V1800AV review at Home Theater Mag

Speaker News: Atlantic Tech Model 6200e speaker set review at Sound & Vision