The Daily Button – November 5th, 2007

What is better then one contest (one kick ass contest I might add)? How about two contests? Look for another announcement tomorrow for a giveaway with PCAlchemy. Hot damn, we are kicking ass and taking names. I do have to say, it is time to get the creative juices flowing folks. As of right now, some person who entered the creative portion of the Omaura contest has a better then 8% chance of winning. How can you beat those odds? If you aren’t feeling creative, just put a post saying you want to be considered for the random drawing, but a TF-11 case from Omaura with a kick ass OLED display is well worth a little creative effort.

Enter the Omaura contest here :

See the rules here

In other news, you may not see much of me for the next couple of days. My new TV comes in and I will be having some fun with it :D. I really really wish I had a Blu-ray player or HD DVD player ready to go for this TV. Soon enough :). Enough babbling, lets get on with some news, which comes mostly from Chris today. He tore it up over the weekend and has a lot of good reading.

CableCard News: BOCR cards coming soon from Ceton Corp @ Chris L.

Extender News: V2 Extenders get a small price break @ Chris L.

Internet Streaming News: Slinbox Solo review at Chris L. 

High Def DVD News: This week’s HD DVD and Blu-ray releases @ EngadgetHD

Display Device News: LCD & Plasmas found to be reliable.. rear project not so much @ Yahoo

Display Device News: Panasonic PT-AX200 LCD projector review at Audioholics 

Audio News: How to train your ear at Electronic House

Cooling News: Heatsink roundup at [H]ardocp