The Daily Button – November 30th, 2007

We have just over 15 guides related to setting up your Media Center PC. All of our guides can be found by clicking on the guides button on the menu bar. Here are a few guides cherry picked for your reading pleasure.

ATSC/NTSC Tuner Guide

Adding High Def DVD to your HTPC

Processor Buying Guide

Things brings us to our semi-annual forum roundup inspired by WAIcool’s WAF Tales. Hop in and share your WAF horror stories; even stories of romance and wonder. You can also get in on a discussion about Firingsquad’s HTPC troubles . Is it just another obvious editorial about the continual iffy software state of HTPCs or does it provide something useful to the HTPC community. Is no one watching anything these days? The Movie, DVD and TV Talk forum has been dead for a month now. Get in there and post! If you are interested in squeezing the last few % of pq out of your DVD or TV playback, be sure to look at Jeremy’s FFDshow guide .

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