Orb Audio’s Uber Ten Subwoofer

Orb Audio may not have sent out any press release about this, but they did recently release a new subwoofer: The Uber Ten Custom Audiophile Subwoofer. Being the very proud owner of their original Super Eight sub, I’m sure this is one helluva step up from the one I own. Now, if only I could muster up the $699 for one of these bad boys!
The Uber Ten is loaded with features, such as:
300 Watt Custom BASH Hybrid Amplifier
Proprietary High Excursion 10" Driver
Continuously Variable Phase (0-180)
Adjustable Crossover (40-180hz)
Crossover Disable Switch
Overheat Protection Circuitry
Auto On Feature
RCA Gold-Plated Stereo Line Level Input
High Level Goldplated Inputs and Outputs
12dB/Octave Hi-Pass Filter
Personally, I love this quote from the Orb guys:


…the Uber Ten is definitely more subwoofer than most people need. But, we’ve learned that when it comes to bass, it is sometimes more about what you WANT than what you NEED. So, if bass is your thing, the Uber Ten is the perfect sub for you.