SageTV V6.2 has been released!

Sage has released version 6.2.10. It is no longer a release candidate, but has been finalized as a release version.

Sage TV

SageTV Version 6.2 is now available on our website in the download area! The main updates to V6.2 over V6.1 are as follows: Support for DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S on Windows including support for CAM/CI Support for DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S on Linux ClearQAM support for the Hauppauge HVR-1600 & HVR-1800 on Windows ClearQAM support for the AverMedia M780 on Vista only BDA Support for the HDHomeRun Lots of Bug Fixes & performance optimizations Updated User Interface New User Interface Themes Enhanced H.264 Support Added AppleTV and iPhone transcoding support