Super Audio CD catalogue tops 4000 titles

If nothing else comes out of the article, it is interesting to note that you will be able to play a SACD in a PS3. Not much else to report excpet for the fact there are now 4000 SACD's available for purchase.

From the article:

You still might not be able to find them readily in stores, but the SACD catalogue now boasts 4000 titles. According to specialist site, the accolade of 4000th Super Audio CD title falls to Chesky Records with its John Abercrombie and Eddie Gomez jazz release, Structures.
Says Yushi Igarashi, General Manager, of Sony Audio’s Super Audio CD Project, “Chesky has been at the vanguard of Super Audio CD’s development as a creative distribution medium.” The label has stated all its new releases will be single inventory Super Audio CDs.
Predictably, the biggest supplier of Super Audio CDs is SonyBMG. Despite a failure to capture the public imagination, Sony says it is committed to popularizing the format. “We continue to introduce an ever expanding range of players in a number of categories,” says Igarashi.
“we have integrated DSD audio processing within the Sony VAIO PC range and Super Audio CD will be a standard playback feature within PlayStation 3.”