Rotel RSX-1057 AV Receiver


The Rotel RSX-1057 is not heavy on features that you would expect on similarly priced Denon. Gone are the fancy iPod docks and satellite radio hookups here, the focus with this bad boy is to supply clean, stable power to your speakers. It supports basic switching with no upconversion and has a LAN connection that the reviewer does not talk about. The receiver gets a mixed bag review because of its remote and so-so performance when listening to music.

From the article:

There are two HDMI inputs (version 1.1, which means multichannel PCM
from Blu-ray and HD DVD players is a go), and any HDMI sources you
connect must be assigned to Video 1 and Video 2 inputs. Likewise, any
component video sources (there are three component inputs) must be
connected to Video inputs 1-3. So, while there are an aggregate of five
HDMI and component connections in back, you can really only use a total
of three HDMI/component sources. That should be plenty in most cases.