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HDTV Podcast #11 is up for your listening pleasure. THe main focus on today's podcast is HD Camcorders and some of the terminology consumers need to know. Its bad enough everyone's sec video makes it on the net, do we really need to see this stuff in high def now? They even have an interesting history on Sony's display and recording innovations.

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Other things to consider is what format is the video recorded in. Some
camcorders are using mpeg 4. That's great for a finished product but what about
if you want to do editing.  Its like trying to edit a highly compressed picture
in Photoshop. If you don't start with high quality you can't be expected to
output something with high quality. So you want to look at the data rate. The
higher the better. The $700 Sanyo records at 9 Mbps. Don't expect to do much
editing with that. Even at the higher data rates mpeg 4 may not work well
anyway. Some camcorders have proprietary formats that may not be readily
editable by your software. Finally, high quality HD video will be very
cumbersome to deal with as the data will be huge and it will require a high
power computer to edit.