DVD sales drop


A nice rant over at HD Blog addresses the predicted decline in DVD sales in 2007. Gee Whiz, you think? What could be the reason… mmm

Here are a few with out much effort:

  1. 15 different editions of movies (as pointed out in the article)
  2. Format wars…
  3. DRM – No legal way to rip DVDs for personal use
  4. Price

How many more can you guys add?

From the article:


A couple of things Hollywood should take note of when creating a DVD. Take a look
at the LOTR (Lord of the Rings) trilogy. Up front they told
consumers there
would be two versions. One theatrical and one extended. They were also told the
extended would be much better (DTS soundtrack, new scenes, 2 disks of extras).
This drove sales for each version because of the honesty to the consumer before
the first DVD came out. The second example I would want Hollywood to look at
would be The Incredibles. Day one they distribute a great DVD with many extras
and a person knows that
there is no super edition coming in just 6 months.

So if Hollywood wants to see quality sales, they need to stop the FUD with
the consumers and start being honest with us on what to expect when